Yellow-throated Warbler ( Dendroica dominica )

Season: late April to July

Places to go: Kilbuck Forest Preserve - Drive into the preserve. When the road forks follow the one-way sign to the right. Soon you will be at a picnic shelter with a tall flagpole. Park and look for the birds in the tall pine trees around the picnic area. Sugar River Forest Preserve - Search the upper levels of the pine and oak trees around the Sand Bluff shelter house Tips for finding and identifying: This warbler is found most easily by song. Learn the song and then walk around the area listening. This is a beautiful black and white streaked bird with a buttery yellow throat. It can be hard to get a good look at it because it generally stays high in the trees, but your persistence usually pays off.

Special cautions: For the last two years, a Yellow-throated Warbler in the big White Pines just south of the dam at Rock Cut has been singing an atypical song that is more like a Cerulean Warbler. Usually you can trust your ears, but not with this one!

Submitted by Barbara Williams

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