North Central Illinois Ornithological Society, NCIOS, was formed in 1947 as Rockford's only bird club.

This blog started in February 2007 as an outlet for area birders to post sightings, questions, and various bird info to benefit other members and newer birders.

There are no rules and hopefully will never be necessary but here are a couple guidelines:

  • Try and post in a courteous way. Some members are novice birders while some are hardened veterans.
  • Currently non-members are not allowed to post or comment.
  • Posting privileges could be revoked from members for rude behavior, but I seriously doubt this will happen.
  • This blog will be monitored to prevent SPAM leaking into it (via comments) but otherwise anything that is posted is free to be in your own words. Minor edits (like picture resizing, category placement changes) could take place to improve the quality of the blog
  • Discussion is encouraged, including on sensitive issues about conservation and the environment. However, please keep the discussion about birds and bird conservation

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns or wish to gain access to post, please contact the administrator:

Eddie Callaway
815.323.0011 (leave a message)