Cerulean Warbler ( Dendroica cerulea )

Season: Early May through early July

Places to go: at Sugar River Forest Preserve, walk the paved roadway from the entrance straight ahead to the Riverview shelterhouse. Along that route, also walk the first paved fork to the left and go a little ways down that part of the loop road looking for Ceruleans in the upper branches of the hardwoods overhead. At Rock Cut State Park go to the first parking area in the mature woods north of the dam. Look for the birds in the tops of the big oaks.

Tips for finding and identifying: Ceruleans tend to stay high in the treetops. It is very helpful to know their song. Often, the only view youll get is from straight below. The birds undersides appear pure white with a few black streaks on the flanks and a crisp, narrow black collar.

Submitted by Barbara Williams

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