This evening around 5:30 p.m., Eddie and I went to Deer Run Forest Preserve to walk through the prairie fields. We were pleased and surprised to find many different kinds of sparrows there.
Grasshopper Sparrow1
Grasshopper Sparrow

  1. Song Sparrow
  2. Vesper Sparrow
  3. Grasshopper Sparrow
  4. White-crowned Sparrow
  5. Lark Sparrow
  6. Henslow's Sparrow!
  7. Swamp Sparrow
  8. Savanna Sparrow

Directions to Henslow's Sparrow: Take path from horse trail parking, turn right and follow the field until near the second treeline to the north (the taller grass part).

There are also Sedge Wrens, Bluebirds, and Indigo Buntings.
What a great find! Hopefully, some will be nesting and we'll see them all summer!

On the Bioblitz today at Anna Page Conservation Forest, Jack Armstrong spied a Yellow-breasted Chat and heard a Pileated Woodpecker! What a great day!