UPDATE: *** Cancelled ***
Regrettably, I have decided to cancel the field trip due to the poor weather forecast which includes flash flood warnings in Lake County (where IBSP is).

As your humble leader of the field trip this Saturday, September 13th, 2008 to Illinois Beach State Park, I have decided a meeting place and time.

Meeting Place: TARGET parking lot located on Highway 173 and Alpine Road
Time: 6:45 AM - we will try to leave sharply at this time as it is about a 2 hour drive to IBSP

If you plan on attending you can email me - birdfreak@birdfreak.com or call my cell phone: 815-323-0011 (there is a typo in the printed field trip list)

Birds we plan on seeing: migrants of all kinds, shorebirds, possible Gustavian Ike blown rarities, etc.

Scopes would be nice to bring (I'll have mine but it isn't the greatest).

Thanks, and I hope a lot of birders will make it!!

- Eddie Callaway