I missed the deadline to submit information for a new Christmas Bird Count (CBC), however, next year we should have a new count for our area.

I will be bringing a map and some more information to the next NCIOS meeting (November 8th) but here is some preliminary information:

All CBC circles are 15 miles in diameter so I played around with various circles to maximize "good" area covered. The circle I came up with includes:

Rock Cut State Park, Kieselburg FP, Lib, Distillery, and a fairly long list of parks and preserves, mostly in Boone County. Already there has been some interest from birders in the area and I see no problem with getting 10 people to count (one of the requirements for starting a count is a list of at least 10 counters).

I am going to bring this up at the meeting so hopefully birders with some spare time can browse some of the areas this year to get an idea of the "best" areas. The data will be submitted next year between August and September and I am volunteering to compile the data and work on getting counters.

The date will be set in such a way to accommodate for other counts and for the Christmas season. By no means do I wish for this count to diminish the counting of the other CBCs in our area.

Don't miss our next meeting :)