Today, I took Dakota and my niece Sammie to Kishwaukee Forest Preserve to look for the Brood XIII Cicadas. We found them! They were covering the tree trunks in some areas. We saw a lot of different birds eating them up and had a lot of fun.

2007 Brood XIII Cicada

Here are the birds we saw eating the cicadas this afternoon:

  1. American Robin
  2. Common Grackle
  3. Blue Jay
  4. Eastern Kingbird
  5. Great-crested Flycatcher
  6. Northern Cardinal
  7. European Starling
  8. Brown-headed Cowbird
  9. Chipping Sparrow
  10. Blue-grey Gnatcatcher

Eastern Kingbird Eating A Brood XIII Cicada
Eastern Kingbird

2007 Brood XIII Cicadas