Hello birders!! I just wanted to make a few quick notes about the blog:

Currently there are 16 members signed up to post.

To post, just click the "login" link on the right and enter your username and password (both case sensitive). If you are not a member yet (or forgot your info) please contact me at birdfreak@birdfreak.com. If you are already logged in it will give you the option of "site admin" or "logout". You can click "site admin" and that puts you in to the "dashboard" where you can post. (Actual administrative duties are not available).

Once you are signed in you can post by picking Write Post or selecting "Write" from the menu bar. Just give your post a title and start writing!! When you are done with a post, pick Publish. You can always log back in and edit your post if you wish!

To create a link in your post select the text you wish to be linked and select "link". A new window pops up where you can enter the URL (web address). Pick OK and it creates some code that makes it a link.

To make words bold or italics, select the text and click "b" for bold or "i" for italic . The code will add a 'tag' that says "strong" for bold or "em" for italics.

You don't have to have a user name to post comments but to post sightings you do.

If you want to learn how to post images to the blog, send me an email: birdfreak@birdfreak.com and I will try to explain it the best I can.

- Eddie Callaway (NCIOS blog Administrator)