This morning, Larry Balch, Eric Walters, Barbara and I found 3 adult Yellow-crowned Night-herons in the swamp inside the loop road at Sugar River FP. Prior to today, only one had been reported off and on since mid-May. A Yellow-throated Warbler was still singing, and the mosquitoes were forming in battalion strength.

A stop at the east end of Moody Road revealed a lot of shorebirds, but they were all back lit in the morning sun. 7:00 p.m. might be the best time to check there because the sun will be behind you and the heat haze should have dissipated. There was also a Common Tern there, plus 13 Great Egrets, some Hooded Mergansers, and Ring-billed Gulls.

A stop on Porter Road to check the Anna Page Park dry dam resulted in 3 Henslow's Sparrows, several Sedge Wrens, but no Bell's Vireo was heard at its usual spot.