August 2011

Friday I saw the juvenile MIKI fly for the first time a very short route from a tree back to the nest. Sunday, I was able to get photos of this new kite flying, and have posted the best shots. There were four MIKIs flying over the school playground at one time, including the juvenile. At 10 am I am told that there were 5 adult MIKIs flying and were joined by a Broad-winged Hawk.

Today the juvenile flew around the arboretum many times, landing in various trees, preening and sunning itself. A Cooper's Hawk, juvenile, did harass the young MIKI but the parents continued to protect it and of course are still feeding their young offspring. I heard the young MIKI call for the first time today as well, its vocalization is not like MIKIs in past year's where they are loud and extremely vocal, this young bird's cry for food is not nearly as loud.

School begins Wednesday for the students and teachers so if you visit during the week just be aware that you could get trapped in the parking lot when the buses either drop off students or pick them up.

Here are two pictures of the only young kite in Rockford that we know about. It left the nest today, at age 32 days. (Our best estimate.)

Click on each picture to see it full size.

4 Black Terns were flying and hunting over Pierce Lake at Rock Cut SP at 12:15-1:15 p.m. today. All 4 birds were in partial molt to basic plumage.

shore birds on Maize Rd- Pec. Wetlands Mary K

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We hope to see a lot of birders at all these wonderful field trips and meetings!!

-Eddie Callaway (web admin)