April 2009

On crane count day, the 18th, I counted 55 White Pelicans at Nygren Wetland Preserve. When I stopped there this afternoon, there were over 110, of which 80+ were in the air, later to land in the waters out of sight of the platform. A flock of 100+ Pectoral Sandpipers was flying around, just as one was on April 18th, but there was really little to interest to look at other than the pelicans. A couple of Caspian Terns were at the end of Moody Road. The swans are still present at Pierce Lake.

Broad-winged Hawks returned today to my neighborhood in Shaw Woods, near Guilford and Mulford. Can Mississippi Kites be far behind?

The two adult Mute Swans that have been at Rock Cut SP since April 8 have been joined by a 3rd adult. I saw the 3 together at the east end of Pierce Lake during the lunch hour today.

Th eGolden-crowned Sparrow in Scioto Mills has been seen daily since Saturday, April 17, in Scioto Mills, Stephenson County. Photos are posted at www.ilbirds.com. The bird has been seen in several locations, most frequently 150 or so yards south along the Jane Addams Trail, in the yard with a bird feeder and a green children's slide. It is also being seen in the yard and at the feeder of a house at the SE corner of Scioto Mills and Iris Hill Roads, and also across the street to the north of the last house mentioned.

At Garden Prairie Slough around 8:00 am today we saw 2 Great Egrets, 1 Sandhill Crane, several Common Snipe, 3 Gray Partridge, and many regulars. We heard a Sora but did not see it. The partridge walked within 15 feet of us. What a treat! The Partridge was actually a first in Illinois for us. At Rock Cut we saw a Pine Warbler and many Yellow-rumped Warblers at the Red Oak picnic area. A Brown Thrasher was singing along the road while exiting the park to the north. There were very few ducks on the lake, too many boats.
Spring is here - HOORAY!!!

After counting cranes (24 including 4 sets of unison callers) and listening to several Soras we [me and my dad] went to Sugar River where we found our first-of-year Yellow-throated Warbler . Other birds of note:

Pileated Woodpecker
Red-shouldered Hawk (carrying a stick)
Brown Thrasher (FOY)

We were at Espenscheid F.P. this afternoon where we saw our first White-throated Sparrow and Blue-gray Gnatcatcher for this season along with Yellow-rumped Warbler and Golden-crowned Kinglets.

Tooks these at Deer Run Forest Perserve on 4-12-09. There were about 8 of them flying

Caught this one last week in the neighbor back yard.
Looks like it is enjoying lunch
If not a Cooper's what is it?

Took these through the kitchen window of a Red-tailed
sitting on the utility line in my back yard


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