February 2008

A male Northern Shoveler was in a small area of open water by the 8th green at Aldeen Golf Course on Reid Farm Road this afternoon. Saw it from my office window while talking on the telephone! First one I have seen this year.

Barbara and I took a walk around Klehm on Sunday morning. Almost described it as "took a spin around Klehm" because of the ice on the hard surface trail. Klehm staff has done a good job of spreading sand on the path so that the footing was pretty good in most parts, but, if you go, be careful of the shady spots.

Terrific morning to be out for a bird hike. Highlights were a Hermit Thrush, Fox Sparrow, several Pine Siskins, an adult Bald Eagle flew over, and there were quite a few Cedar Waxwings in several flocks, but we couldn't detect any Bohemian Waxwings among them. 2 Ring-billed Gulls also flew over.


The Great Backyard Bird Count is this weekend and any sightings can be submitted easily on the GBBC website .

This is a great citizen science project that helps determine how birds are doing all over the country. You can count birds anywhere, not just your backyard!! Sightings can be submitted anytime for each of the four days.

As I return from walking in the woods and even hearing a Cardinal singing, I am thankful today for the peaceful and healing arms of nature in light of the horrific day at NIU. Our world has become so violent..how we need change so