May 2007

A Yellow-throated Warbler that calls like a Yellow-throated Warbler has been singing near the intersection of the loop road and the driveway that leads to the HQ and maintenance area on the south side of Pierce Lake. Also calling from that area is a Black-throated Green Warbler. 3 Baltimore Orioles were below the dam, and a Solitary Sandpiper was in the creek area where it comes very close to the paved rec path. Also heard a Redstart down there. 2 Forster's Terns were over both Pierce and Olson lakes yesterday, 5/3.

This afternoon I was lucky to see 2 Black-and-white warblers and several Palm Warblers at Blackhawk Springs.
Yesterday, we had a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak at our feeder.
Sunday we saw an Indigo Bunting at Atwood FP in New Milford.

Happy Spring Birding to everyone.

Forster's Terns are hanging around Pierce Lake. There were 10 there @ 8:30 a.m. on 5/2, together with 2 Caspian Terns. The Caspians flew east, but the Forster's were resting on the small rock island near the dam.

A Blue-winged Warbler, Northern Waterthrush and many Palm Warblers were below the dam along the hard surface trail. Broad-winged Hawks are soaring over the woods west of the dam, and a Peregrine Falcon was soaring over the prairie on 5/1.

The Yellow-throated Warbler that sings a Cerulean song is back again this spring for the 3rd year in a row!! It is in the same location-by the small stand of White Pines with picnic tables under them, across the road from the restrooms at the picnic area south of the dam on the loop road. Park there and listen. When you hear a Cerulean call, go look for the bird. Real Ceruleans singing Cerulean songs are north of the dam, by the first parking lot in the woods.

Other spring migrants are arriving daily-last two days have seen Catbirds, Nashville Warblers, Ovenbird, Yellow-throated and Warbling Vireos, Great-crested Flycatcher, Eastern Kingbird, Indigo Bunting.

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